What is the difference between AST's standard switch and one with a "Weather Cap"?

All AST switches are sealed and air tight to IP67 standards. When assembled with gaskets on the flanges, our switches can work under water. The weather cap is used for extreme weather conditions IE: Ice, Sandstorms, salt spray. where the manual override could bind from the elements. If water or condensation is present without the chance of freezing, no weather cap is needed.

What is the difference between AST's "Weather Cap" and other ​manufacturers'

AST's weather cap is only for extreme weather conditions. Other manufacturers use a protective "can" to seal their switch. However, once the protective can is removed, the switch is no longer air tight. This can cause 2 problems 1. The entire system will lose pressure 2. Since the motor is housed in the manual override it can be exposed to the elements and potentially damaged.

How quickly can AST deliver a switch or other waveguide products?

AST has the quickest delivery times in the industry. Our typical delivery time in quantities of up to 10 switches is 3-4 weeks. If you require small quantities (1-3 switches), we can deliver as quickly as one week, depending on stock. Typical delivery time for waveguide products is also 3-4 weeks, however we keep many finished products in stock which we can deliver in 1-2 days.

What requirements are needed to order a switch from AST Microwave?

1. Switch type (Waveguide or Coaxial) or both (Dual). 2. Frequency range. 3. Operating voltage. 4. Waveguide flange type or coaxial connector type. 5. Total quantity of indicator circuits and/or inhibit contacts. 6. Weather Cap option or not 7. Any special requirements or options.

​​What warranty does AST offer?

AST offers a 3 year warranty for all its products. Our competition only offers one year. please click here for our switch warranty disclaimer

What requirements are needed to order Flexible or Rigid Waveguide from AST?

1. Waveguide size (frequency) 2. Flanges 3. Length (flange to flange)

What requirements are needed to order a termination from AST?

1. Waveguide size (frequency) 2. Power Level (watts) 3. Waveguide Flange

What certifications does AST have?

AST achieved ISO-9001:2015 certification in July 2020.

Where are AST's products made?

All our products are made in Canada. We comply to all Canadian government export laws and are not subject to ITAR regulations.